Buganvilla Mexican Imports is proud to be the largest wholesaler of Mexican Folk Art outside of Mexico


Image Beatriz Archundia

Beatriz Archundiaís smile is as contagious as her brightly colored Day of the Dead skulls are. And they are her specialty.

Image Carolina Cruz

Carolina has taken the popularity of her motherís candelabra and created miniature versions, adorning them with flowers and fruit offerings.

Image Gustavo and Maria Luisa Arroyo

One only needs to walk into the home of Gustavo and Maria Luisa Arroyo to know they are perfectionists at heart.

Image Montesinos

As the Catrina quickly took fame in the early 1900ís and became a staple in the Mexican art world, an artisan by the name of Castillo began crafting from clay with metal, pieces that would rapidly be noticed and coveted by collectors worldwide. Castillo has since passed away.

Image Sra. Candelaria

Our first few orders with Sra. Candelaria were tentative; but the demand quickly grew, and now I pick up almost one hundred small Catrinas per visit.

Image Maestro Rafael

The character lines on the face of Maestro Rafael reflect the daily toil he has endured as a lifelong coppersmith.

Image Paulo Cortes

As a young boy growing up in Central Mexico, Paulo Cortes spent much of his spare time learning the tin craft in some of the better local workshops.

Image Neftali Ayungua Suarez

Tata Tali, Great Master of Mexican Folk Art, has slowly begun to wean himself out of creating the masterpieces he is most famous for. He learned the craft from his wife, but mastered it on his own through years of meticulously molding and glazing clay into perfection.

Image Enrique P. Egea

One only needs to hold Enrique's paper mache creations in hand for a few seconds to know that his work is that of a really skilled artisan.

Image Maria Teresa Leal

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