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Milagro Woodcarvings

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Milagros, also known as dijes, are religious folk charms traditionally used for healing purposes and as votive offerings by Catholic devotees in Mexico, and other countries of Latin America. They are frequently nailed onto altars, shrines and sacred objects found in churches and other places or worship.
Milagros, literally translated as miracles, are usually offered to saints as a reminder of a petitioners need, or in gratitude for a prayer answered. They come in a wide variety of shapes and can be fabricated from gold, silver, tin and lead. Devotees use milagros to pray for specific ailments too. Milagros donít necessarily need to be in the shape of a specific prayer. For example, a milagro shaped as a heart may be used as a prayer for love or to cure a heart condition; a milagro shaped as a car may be used as a prayer for a safe trip, a need for transportation, etc.
Milagros are so popular amongst believers that they are kept in wallets for good luck, hung on jewelry or kept loosely in bowls in a home or workplace. More than ever before, milagros are being used by Catholic followers, yet they are also being sought out by religious believers as a whole.