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Mexican Nativity Sets

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    Latin countries, being mainly Catholic in religion and generally impoverished have only been skimmed by the economic boom of the past several decades of the more prosperous countries of the world. This is not to mean that Santa Claus has not made his appearance, but that Christmas is still more about the celebration of the birth of Christ - reason why Nativity scenes are of such great importance to Mexican homes.

    Even the most humble dwellings will have a small stable set up with Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph. And some, regardless of their economic situation will recreate the entire town of Bethlehem! Children love playing with the tiny figurines while mothers spend hours retelling those stories of long ago. During the Posada Celebrations a few days before Christmas, neighbors visit each other's Nativity scenes while singing songs of the coming of Christ. And if affordable, families will have Nativity scenes set up in different rooms of their homes just for the sheer pleasure of feeling the Christmas season.

    A few days after honoring the birth of Jesus, Mexicans remember those first three gifts (gold, incense and myrrh) with the celebration of "The Day of the Kings" January 6th. And a few days after that, Nativity scenes are taken down and carefully put away until the coming year.

    There are all kinds of Nativity sets in Mexico; yet most are made from clay. Artists all over the country work diligently all year round trying to create new ways to portray this very important religious festivity, knowing the importance it has for the Mexican population. Likewise, people are always looking for that new piece which will set their display above the rest.