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Ocumicho Wood Mask, Extra Large

Ocumicho Wood Mask, Extra Large | Ocumicho: Masks, Devils and more....

Ocumicho Wood Mask, Extra Large

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Substantial works of art from the town of Ocumicho, Michoacan. A place hard to find which specializes in masks, devils and other colorful pieces very much on the imaginary side. 

Extra-Large (about 13" or so -plus horns if any) masks, hand carved of wood, and then painted with bright colors and interesting designs. Do not expect a finely finished and sanded down piece -these border on the rudimentary side. Still, very impressive! Especially when grouped.

Every one is unique, please expect an assortment. 

Code: #28XLWM
Origin: Michoacan
Materials: Wood, Paint
Dimensions: ~13" Tall
Weight: 3.00 lbs.